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Trenchless Pipe Relining

Paul Whitfield Plumbing provide pipe lining services. This process minimises the amount of restoration and excavation to areas. There are many reasons as to why drains become blocked and are generally caused by the following factors: Faulty joints or broken pipes, foreign objects within the pipeline, pipes with insufficient grade and tree root intrusion.

The evidence of tree roots present in a pipe line indicates that the line is defective, as these roots have broken into the pipe or joint to gain access. Simply clearing the roots will not necessarily mean the roots will not grow back. So an alternative is to re line the defective pipe/drain, this will reduce the on going costs of clearing the blockage.

Relining involves a felt core which is inserted within a complex poly resin. The sleeve is then placed into position and an inner bladder inflated once the liner core is set. The resin activates leaving a new pipe in place. This system is guaranteed for 10 years. Contact our office to learn more about this service.

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